Pretty nice guys. I have always thought a car mechanic oughta be like a friend who knows your car really well. So here I go, not because they are closeby but they actually do good work and are pretty efficient. Don’t need a reservation here i don’t think but it definitely helps.

Bigyan K.
San Francisco, CA

S & T Auto Body provides the best services. They offer the best quality and very reasonable price. Thanks Tommy! My car looks new again!

Joseph C.
San Francisco, CA

Good work, honest pricing. My car was declared a write-off by a “fancy” body shop: they wanted more money than the blue-book value of the car. Now the car looks new, runs great. Honest, hard working people.

Vlad C.
San Francisco, CA

I had an accident with my accord and took it here. The help me fix my bumper which a person that couldn’t park messed up and a rear quarter panel that was not related to the problem. My car was done quick without a problem.

M C.
San Francisco, CA

I’m not Chinese but TOM is family to me because he is very honest with pricing and offers me to tea when I’m in his office.. LOL he does great body work and has knowledgeable mechanics working there.

Daniel L.
San Francisco, CA

I brought my pastel green Fiat to Tom at S&T auto body after my car has been sideswipe while parking at stripe mall parking lot. Tom was able to give me a reasonable price to repaint the bumper. It took about 1 week for the service to be completed but the job was absolutely superb. My car looks as good as new from the dealership. She was just perfect!!! I couldn’t be more happier with the service. I would not hesitate to bring my car back to Sand T for any future service.

Eva E.
San Francisco, CA

I know S&T auto body. Super service as always. Wife picks up the car and calls me to rave about how nice and clean it is. They washed and detailed it inside and out. This is the way it should be done!

Peter J.
Sausalito, CA

I was parked across the street from this place and I came back from a restaurant nearby and found my car battery was dead. I walked in here and asked if they could help with a jump start and they immediately did, for FREE! I wish I knew your name but thank you kind sir!

Emily K.
San Francisco, CA

They gave me a great deal on maintenance work! Half the price of the Honda dealership. Great job & quick service.

Molly C.
San Francisco, CA

On Monday morning, I came in with a flat tire I encountered on my commute. So relieved and grateful that I happened to be near these wonderful guys. They helped me put on my spare at no charge. Thank you so much S & T

Mui L.
Redwood City, CA

Reliable, fast and reasonable prices. They can get busy so make sure you call and make an appointment.

Alane N.
San Francisco, CA

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